Week 2 Hardware – taking the computer apart

Week 2 digging in

Supplies (two fully functional pcs, clothes pins with names,  standard tool kit with screwdrivers etc. opt. fun other little computers trinket,Gemma, Arduino, less,iPad….)

1. Put out an array of computers, tablets, microcontrollersand ask the kids to sit by a computer.  Fun game to show them that microcontrolers are also computers.

2. show video: How Stuff works.

3.Show the computer working then how to properly shutdown and unplug the device.

4. Take apart  computers leave the other intact but open one piece at a time and review

Identify CPU/fan (BRAINS) what could we do without the cpu?


Temporary Storage:

Memory -The system memory holds all of the “active” information that the computer is using. When you turn the computer on the memory is empty  and when the computer is turned off, RAM forgets everything you told it. This is why it is so important to save your work on a computer if the computer gets turned off, RAM will lose all of your work!

Long term storage: Hard drive (long term memory) what could you do without it

Network card Mac address of network card gets you to the internet and all of the other resources outside your own computer

Mother board ( main circuit board,plug in your processor, memory, cache, video card( displaying the screen you see on the monitor) and other cards. It is also where you connect your peripherals)what it does, could it run without it

USB, Serial port,Parallel port printer audio in/out different cables different ways of sending  information

Extra: Review input/output//procceror/storatge from last week with picture sorting and