Week 3 Hardware – putting it back together


Week 3 – Put computer back together

Supplies (two fully functional pcs taken apart in week 2, standard tool kit with screwdrivers etc.)

Does everyone remember last week the tiny computers we looked at.  What does it mean  for society.

When Your Parents were your age this is what a hard drove looked like.  Look closely this is JUST the hard drive (data Storage)


Now 3278X the  amount of storage is in your pocket


Or used to track the snowy owl or taking pictures inside the the human body Ms Frizzle Style.


photo © Scott Weidensaul

If you don’t have another class waiting for the computers next then give everyone a piece talk about each part draw it (on 15” paper) label it, mark it input/output…..

If not start assembling and make it work.