Week 4, and 5- Bee-bot and Pro-bot


Supplies: bee-bots, rulers, BATTERIES,  dice, foam blocks, shape felt, plastic cover, laminated sheets, dry erase marker, dominos, battery charger,lego lance,dry erase markers), iPads with Bee-Bot App. (because we only have 2 bee-bots, others play on iPad)


Week 4

We have so far taken apart a computer and put it together we have been the computer, now we are going to start to understand how a computer is programed. I want to introduce  the bee-bot.  Divide group into 2  teams. Then and have them start using the materials with people on deck playing the iPad App.  Switching will be monitored and tracked for fairness .

-looks like a bee and is also like a robot ;

-bee-bot is a computer and has the same features as our computers that we took apart. input (buttons), processing (inside), storage (inside), and output (wheels).

-it is battery powered and must be programmed to move;
-how to enter a sequence of just forward commands which can be run/executed by pressing the ‘go’ button to make the Bee-Bot move along a mat;
how to use the ‘clear’ button to delete a set of commands and so ‘tell the Bee-Bot it’s a new child’s go’;
how to press the turn (left/right) and back arrows to make the Bee-Bot move in different directions;
how to combine sequences of commands to make the Bee-Bot travel to different destinations along ‘L’-shaped routes;
how to make the Bee-Bot travel in unusual paths along a mat to reach places in a sequence/avoid obstacles
how to press the ‘pause’ button to make the Bee-Bot temporarily stop at a place on a mat before continuing on its journey.

before you get to do this I want to let you know how to care and feed bee-bot please rember to turn bee-bot off when you are done, if you do not like the direction he is heading press the “GO” button and he will stop. Do not drop him or throw him,.

Fist Activity (throw in some foam block obstacles)

Team A members and order: Team B members and order

Team A – Start with one number board (with cover). Put bee-bot on bottom row and have each member of the team (role dice) and go to that number.

Team B – Letter board with cover have them go to the first  letter of their name

Week 5

Activity One

Team A – Shape game (put names on laminated sheet)

Team B – obstacle course with lance and dominos

—>Week 5 Pro-bot activities

OTHER Bee-bot Ideas

Measure a table or shortest path, set out some tape to shortest path

Sync dancing-groups of 3 and write a “Bee dance.” Of course the bee had left another note saying he wanted to do the “bee dance!” The groups rated each others’ dances (1 for fun, 3 for more fun, or 5 for super fun). Two groups tied for the highest score to make it into the “Bee Dance Hall of Fame.” The students left that day with a sheet with 10 lines for writing a program for a bee dance. The plan is to randomly pull one every week and allow that student to showcase his/her bee dance in order to add his/her name to the Bee Dance Hall of Fame

http://www.terrapinlogo.com/custstories/harwich.php – cops and robers and obsitcles