week 5 continued and week 6 – pro-bot

TTS product photography 21/8/06

Did you know that bee-bot has an older sibling?  And like all older siblings it can do so much more then its little one.

Like their big brother they only do what they are told, se even though they have a lot more functionality (logo) They are no smarter.  You still must tell them what to do.  Just like someone tells the mars rover how to move you can show this how to move.

The LCD screen does





Print out activity 1 and 2

 Activity 1 –Intro to Probot

Activity 2 – probotrectangles

Activity 3 – probotshapes

Activity 4 – probotlessonRpt

Week 6

Activities – ProBotDay2

Other Pro-bot ideas:

More activities from simon haughton

 to see how long it takes for their Pro-Bot to travel the length of their body. They used the timer on the smartboard and programmed their Pro-bot to repeat the forward movement. The children took turns to reset, stop and start the timer whilst another lay down and another positioned the Pro-Bot. They then recorded the data in a table in a smart notebook. The group used different shapes to indicate on the table the longest to shortest times. They also discussed the difference (how many seconds) between each child’s times. Sorry no photos, the camera is wrecked.

sensors so he doesn’t go off table

 tunnels to turn lights on/off


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