Do I know the Introductory Material?

Do I know this already or do I need a  Review:

Exercise 1 : Create a script that:
  • causes the cat to move 20 steps BACKWARD,
  • Play any sound
  • Step Forward
  • repeat this action four times
Exercise 2: 
  • Create a two sprite with two of your favorite animals
  • have one say hello when green flag is clicked
  • have the other change color when the green flag is clicked
Exercise 3: 
  • Have the sprite move 10 spaces when right arrow is pressed
  • have the sprite move -10 spaces when the left arrow is pressed.
  • Add a background
Exercise 4:
  • Create a sprite the changes costume every 1 second
  • add your voice or a new sound from the sound library.
  • Share your work.
Exercise 5:
  • Change the background when the costume is changed.
Super Challenge: Try a block you have never used before to do something surprising