Scratch Level 4 (6th)

Welcome back!  The Project for the first part of the year to use MakeyMakey or Pico Board to create an arcade think  Cain’s Cardboard or dance dance revolution…the possibilities are endless.  Your Home work will be to come up with an idea, we will work with partners but everyone must have an idea to present.  Use this form to complete your ideas.
IDEAS: Cardboard Arcade, Cardboard Arcade 2, Human touch , wack a potato, Pressure sensor, operation, or  instrument karaoke,   Just keep thinking……

Day 1: How to get help, project discussion, and Review

Review level 1 & Level 2

Homework: think about a project you are interested in.

Day 2: Review How to get help, create random groups, handout game from create computing guide, have them use MaKeyMakey to create the game

Day 3 – create new random groups, talk about project ideas, Review filling out MakeyMakeyPlan, Review Getting Started (should move to first day next year) have them agree on game and hook up the makeymakey

Day 4 – Talk about plans and play with materials

Day 5: Variables and Game Submit project ideas

Day 6: Day one of MakeyMakey Project

Day 7-9: Work on project hook up MakeyMakey, review cleanup, and remind about careful use of materials.

Day 10: Advanced sensing not everything will need MakeyMakey

Day 11: Level 3 concepts that we did not cover last year: Vector Drawing and flappy bat and

Day 12: Operators

  • Whenever the sprite hears a loud sound, it changes color.
  • Whenever the sprite is in the top 25% of the screen, it says “I like it up here.”

Day 13: Ask (into to variables) Talk about project


Supplies: MakeyMakey, PicoBoard, cardboard, tinfoil, copper tape


Some Day:

Day 12: Make block

Day 13: Cloning

Day 14: Debug It Level 4

Day 15: MakeyMakey in case scratch is down