Scratch – Variables (Remembering Things)

PLEASE get a computer EVERYONE will need one today.  Find your seat.

Welcome to advanced scratch this is were it gets really challenging

But first – Scratch of the Day

Activities to practice with Variables
  •  Change the scoring so Nano only looses 5 points every time he is hit with the ball.
  • Speed up the ball
  • change the score to always start at 0
  • create a ball variable that the ball gets 5 points every time it hits nano (do not be afraid to copy from Nano)

Activity 3 Add score to the fish chomp game

Activity 4 Remix this Paint with Gobo  to
  • Choose a new costume to stamp with.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Count how many stamps you make using a variable.

In this big project, you’ll draw a picture with variables, which are used to remember values and to change values that were previously stored.  The values can represent numbers or words or anything.

CS: VARIABLES: A variable is a memory cell that can remember a value.  A value can be stored in a variable, which remembers the value until it is changed by a later store.  The current value within a variable can be read.