Story Book Animation

Scratch Level 2 (9s/4th)

Level 2 lessons are designed for nine year olds with approximately ten 35 minute sessions completed.

The project for this year will be to animate you favorite picture book,  start to think about how you can animate your favorite picture  book.  Ideas can be found at GHS 9s Story Book we have 12, ~40 minute classes

If you would like to explore more at home –  GHS 9s Story Books 2014/15 or GHS 9s Story Books 2013/14

Day 1. Talk about project, How to get help and  Review Level 1 concepts

Day 2. Show new Seating Chart, go around the room and ask what story book they are choosing,hand out cheat sheet with URLs and user names go into lesson  BitMap Paint Editor Tips (Start main character),

Day 4. Animate your favorite Story Book (story board)
Day 6. Design main characters and background
Day 8 – missed
Day 9. Debug IT! Level 2 or code
Day 10. If you are ready please share your project and you will share next week.  Activity  code your project,  Debug IT! Level 2 from last week,  or complete these challenges
Day 11. share then for other Fix bugs only  save often
Day 12 – Share remaining projects.