Heart Beat Racing Game

Equipment Needed – Two heart beat sensors

Scratch: code idea

Hilarious video of testers:!heartbeat-race/c111

Adding a joystick to your game


Mixing Board

Equipment Needed – MakeSense!  Board with several potentiometers

Scratch Code

Mixing table:


Lie Detector (under construction)

Equipment Needed – MakeSense!  Board with heart rate monitor and moisture sensor

Scratch Code:

Etch a sketch:

Equipment Needed – MakeSense!  Board with two potentiometers

Scratch Code:

Multiplication Game:

Equipment Needed – MakeSense!  Board with two potentiometers  and a switch of some sort

scratch code:

Collision detection (light, Prox sensors)

Elastic instrument

Scratch Code

Science simulation

Tools for science
Spanish learning game (dictionary thesaurus, conjugation machine)
Middle ages tech
Max temperature
turn on and off light
zombie detection