Middle School Electronics

This is to be a 12 part series on electrical circuits in preparation for using them in projects with or without programing.

Class 1 – Electricity using squishy Circuits

Class 2 – Simple circuits and Parallel circuits

Class 3 – Series Circuits and the multimeter

Class 4 – Batteries (with leftover series that challenges)

Class 5 –  Review Community Contract,Prototyping ,

Class 6 – Show new battery holders that are more breadboard friendly, then onto Buttons and switches

Class 7 – Project planning and review

Class 8 – Solder and project set up

draw diagram and maybe Resistance

Class 9 – prototype it

class 10- solder/sew… it….

class 11 – solder/sew… it….

Class 12 – finish project

Class 13 – show project

What to do if you are done with your project

Future Ideas:

Add in – Ada Fruit LED tutorial

class 6 – Tri Color LED

class TBD – IR Activity:   Longterm:  theft detection device; Art

class TBD – Capacitor

class TBD – Transistor