LESSON: Video then 5 min of instruction

Squishy circuits Talk about circuits, path of electrcity  and introduce squishy circuits.  Squishy circuits are designed using two types of dough one conducts electricity the other does not.  


Activity: Everyone will each receive a handout with 8 challenges, they will sign off on completion of each challenge the final challenge is open ended.  Supplies will be put in the front of the classroom for the everyone to use and please make sure you return them to the appropriate place.

ACTIVITY: Handout and have students complet the ElectricChallengeSquishyCircuit Challenges!

photo 1-3


photo 1




http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/apthomas/SquishyCircuits/BUILDINGCIRCUITS.html {SUPPLIES: PRINTED copies of ElectricChallengeSquishyCircuit, 9V batteries, 9V battery hookups, lots of LEDs, Copper pennies (1982 or older), alligator clips, motor (with soldered leads), buzzer (with soldered leads), wires, cookie cutters, battery tester, squishy dough}

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