We need to work together in a calm and productive way.  You will be starting your project and you will be frustrated and I can not alway help you immediately.  I need you to stay focused and keep working and trying things until I can help.  With new equipment in the room we all need to be cautious.  I can’t stress this enough this is independent work.  Getting assistance from your classmates and talking things through is expected.  Physical play and roughhousing is not ok.  Please be respectful of others.

We will be melting metal that means about 600 degrees.  I find it an interesting thing to do but it requires caution.  Have been soldering for years and have never burnt myself.  My children learned to solder at 6 and 8 they have never burned themselves.


Two people by the soldering station at a time

always were safety glasses.

Never touch the tip.

Brief demo:

SparkFun How to Solder with David Stillman from SparkFun on Vimeo.

Mostly we will be striping wires, soldering them, and then putting on heat-shrink.

Everyone will get a box, gather your supplies and label your box.