Day Three of MaKeyMaKey

Review Community Contract

Only two web sites should be visited for this class and please refrain from visiting other websites.  Also although it is common practice to copy code and learn from others searching the scratch web site during class time is not permitted.  Feel free to surf the web or scratch from home at any time.

Lets begin today with the teams you were working in last week.  Remember as these are announced to be respectful and kind by treating people the way that you want to be treated you will be working together for the next eight weeks on an intense and complex project.


  1. Fill in the Anatomomymakeymakey
  2. make a list on the back of your plans of ALL the supplies you will need including but not limited to.  Wires, Cardboard, copper tape, play dough, banana……
  3. We will be using Pair Programming let me know who will start
  4. Get approval from me for your plan and list of supplies
  5. Set up the opening scene on Scratch
  6. Choose what letters will move one of your sprites