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Scratch Level 3 (10s/5th)

The level 3 Scratch lessons are used for 10 year olds with Scratch experience.  The project will be the flappy greek myths, other games will also be accepted as long as they represent the greek myth.

Day 1 – How to get help. Introduce our project Flappy Myth game.  If you would prefer a different type of game it must be myth related and you must get approval.  Other options include pong-sytle, supersnake-style, pac-man style, space invaders type.  Show Examples.

Your homework is to choose a god or goddess and to choose and if varying from flappy bird propose the game to create and bring in the GreekMythPlan.

Day 1 – Today in class we will review the last two years of Scratch in 1 day …..   Level 1 & 2

Project Idea First game Flappy Birds, maze, …. class page in case Scratch is down