Vector Drawing

Review Vector vs. bitmap

Part 2:  Vector (awesome) –

Vector drawing is more like sculpting*

    • Make any shape and use the control points to drag it around
    • always clear and smooth
    • Ungroup select your sprit and select ungroup. Move parts around for animation, group your own drawing, add layers.
    • Erasing is hard (hint use the control points and hit shift)
    • Why Cant I fill in with Vector?

Fill a Vector Shape from Mitchel Resnick on Vimeo.

  • how do I smooth out with vector?

Smoothing from Mitchel Resnick on Vimeo.

Keep in mind if you convert vector to bitmap it looses all of its vector information

Show class how to

  1.  Reshape a straight edge
  2. Add remove points
  3. Fill in
  4. Reshape a curve
  5. Add curves to rectangles
  6. Combine vector shapes
  7. choose a victor sprite and change it.
  8. show how easy to animate.


1. create a new scratch project.  draw a square, add a point, bend it, fill it in.

2. create a new sprite that is a circle reshape it.  Combine the square and circle.

3. Select a vector sprite.  Make a new costume that ungroups  and change the colors.

4. Make a frankinsprite add at least 3 sprites together take apart their parts and reassemble them.  Example

5. Draw a greek god or goddess for your project Example

*scratchforkidsScratch for kids