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Your sprites communicate with each other using their own special language called broadcast.  Just like when people communicate their must be a sender (person speaking) and receiver (person hearing).  These blocks are in the events section.

Activity Overview

How do you coordinate interactions between sprites in animations?

In these  activities, you’ll explore Broadcasting strategies for synchronizing interactions between sprites — timing and broadcasting .

Activity Walkthrough (you will need to open up to click on these links.

1. Challenge #1 

2. Challenge #2

3. Challenge #3

4. Super Challenge # 4 You will now  create your own project.  Have two  sprites kick two balls at the same time when the referee sprite blows his whistle

5.  (Super Duper) Challenge  See inside the Penguin Joke project and observe how the conversation is animated using wait blocks.  Remix the Penguin Joke project using with the broadcast, broadcast and wait, and broadcast and receive blocks to coordinate the conversation.
CS CONCEPT:communications through message passing.  Sprites can communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages.  When a sprite sense a message, it is broadcast to all the sprites in the project.  When a sprite receives a message, any scripts that wait for this particular message begin to run.  By using messages, we can coordinate the runs of scripts in different sprites, ensuring g that one script begins to run only after another script has run some of its instructions.

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