What Can I Do if I need help and Deb is busy?

  1. Try it on your own
  2. Ask yourself the question. sometimes asking the question to yourself you figure out the missing piece. (prepares you for asking your classmate or Deb)
  3.  Try it another way take out bits of your script, try a bit of your script alone.
  4. Ask a classmate
  5. Skip it and move on.   Stay focused on your work.
  6. Clip your clothes pin to your computer and I will come around. Be patient and stay focused on your work it may take me a while to get to you.

A few more of us this year so we really will need to work with each other

Older students 10+

  1. Check the Scratch Wikki http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/Scratch_Wiki
  2. Try the Help section of Scratch http://scratch.mit.edu/help/